Software Developer
Functional Programming & FinTech

Personal Facts

  • Born on January 29th, 1980 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Grew up in Bosanska Otoka - a small town located on the beautiful river UNA (Latin word for "unique one") in north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Married since 2004.
  • Father of two.
  • Living in Munich, Germany, since 2012.

Professional Story

My interest in computers began in 1990, when my cousin got the Commodore 64. I was spending days at his place, playing Commando while he was listening to "Another Day in Paradise" by Phil Collins :-)

During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995) I bought a SHARP PC-1403 calculator on the local market. It had a small keyboard and BASIC interpreter and I wrote my first "few-liner" program on it. After the war I started learning DOS 6.22 on a 386 machine with 4 Megs of RAM and played with QBASIC + BATCH scripts. In 1997 I got a chance to harness "the power" of Pentium at 133 MHz with 16 MB RAM and Windows 95 installed, and my real programming journey was about to begin.

I started with Turbo Pascal, because I liked the ability to compile a self-contained executable (unlike QBASIC interpreter). Next natural step was to switch to Delphi, which became the main tool in my toolbelt.

In 2006 I started transition to .NET and C#. Ability to use same programming language, same libraries, and to apply same skills while developing desktop as well as web applications, was what attracted me to it. I fully embraced .NET, which is still my primary software development technology stack.

In pursuit of more expressiveness in programming languages, since 2014 I'm focusing on functional programming. My functional programming language of choice is F#, but I'm interested in other functional programming languages as well, especially the ones with strong static type systems.

The Other Side of the Coin

Although I was always very interested in software development, my official education was focused on business and finance. I studied economics and in 2003 I have begun working as a purchaser in metal constructions manufacturing company. After short period of time I moved to another company to work as logistics manager. I have also worked in sales department at the third company.

I gained invaluable experience and had very good results in those positions but I didn't enjoy the job and my thoughts were always focused on software development. I was often programming small tools to help me do the job, and that was more fun than doing actual job using them. Therefore, I decided to pursue a career in professional software development and never looked back :-)